Trekking in Pakistan is one of most popular tourism activities. The Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan offer a trekking blessed with some of the worlds most rugged and splendid Himalayan scenery. Four of the world’s greatest mountain ranges, the Karakoram, the Hindukush, the Himalayas and the Pamirs converge in the north of Pakistan; covering an area of 40,000 sq. km. Almost 37 of the world’s 100 highest peaks, including K-2 (8611 Mt./second highest in the world), are located in these mountains. Five of these peaks are over 8000 meters and about 108 over 7000 meters. Trekking in the karakoram, Western Himalaya and Hindu Kush is a once in a life time adventure.In no other part of the world can be found such a complex of Himalayan ranges, glaciers, lush valleys and mountain folk. Each range is daunting in itself and worthy of exploration. Together, they represent the most interesting and exciting mountain destinations to be found anywhere in the world! The high mountain regions of Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan are very different in spirit to the neighboring Himalayas of Nepal and India. The Karakoram and Hindukush lie beyond the reach of the monsoon rains, resulting in a distinct lack of natural vegetation. Geology has also played a role in creating a unique mountain environment in the Karakorams. Whereas in the Himalayas there are gently graded slopes leading to the face of a mountain, here most of the mountains are simply huge monoliths of granite which rise abruptly and vertically for thousands of meters out of many a valley floor; creating awe-inspiring and inimitable mountain vistas. There is little arable land left for the tiny population that inhabits this barren but beautiful wilderness therefore, wherever possible, their small villages perch on shelves of land. Every inch of arable land is carefully terraced and tended . The Pakistan Himalayas, comprising the Swat valley, the Kaghan valley and the Nanga Parbat region, fall just inside the monsoon belt. So, they are green and forested and in vivid contrast to the other mountain regions of Northern Pakistan Since Pakistan trekking trail has been open Mashabrum Expeditions organize all region trekking in Pakistan. May to September is the best season for Pakistan trekking tour. Trekking permit is required through the authorized trekking agency / travel agency for Pakistan trekking which you obtain from METT. We Mashabrum Expeditions Treks & Tours ensure that for trekkers /mountaineers for adventure package trip in Pakistan with marvelous life time experience.