Laila (Lela) Peak

Laila (Lela) Peak

Situated just 2 days of trek, Laila Peak (6096m) is considered to be the most beautiful peak in Karakoram. This beautiful six thousand meter peak is unique in its own beauty in terms of climbing and having a panoramic view, standing at the footsteps of Gondogoro la towards Hushe, this is one of the technical six thousand meter high peaks. Laila Peak is one of the most beautiful mountains in Pakistan - if not the world with its summit forming a perfect needle shape. The peak is synonymous with its west face which drops down the mountains at almost uniform gradient forming a giant ramp Its northern and eastern sides consist of contrasting steep granite. The mountain is located east of the Gondogoro valley and west of the Chogolisa valley in the Masherbrum Mountains of Baltistan. Most people have set eyes on the peak after crossing the Gondogoro La from Concordia and K2 base camp.

Altitude:   6096m

Base Camp Altitude: 3500m

Range: Karakoram

Location: Hushe Valley

Duration: 20 days

Best Time: June - September