Chogolisa Peak

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Chogolisa is situated in Karakoram Range.

Chogolisa has several peaks; the highest on the SW face (Chogolisa I) rises to 7,665 metres. The second highest at 7,654 metres on the NE side (Chogolisa II) is the one named Bride Peak by Martin Conway in 1892. in 1909, a party led by Duke of the Abruzzi reached 7,498m from a base camp located on the northern side and a high camp on the Chogolisa saddle at 6,335m. Bad weather stopped the party from ascending further. During their trips in 1911 and 1912, Mr. And Mrs. Fannie Bullock-Workman of USA visited the junction of Chogolisa glacier with Gondogoro glacier. They also looked into the Chogolisa glacier but did not go farther to its main head. They are also stated to have surveyed the visited areas quite accurately.

Chogolisa is one of the highest mountains of central Karakoram and form an impressive trapezoid comprising 2 summits (North-eastern summit - 7,654m., South-western summit - 7,665m) and 4 ridges. First, Martin Conway explored the area that was very impressive by this white pyramid of snow christened “Bride Peak “(means the wife of K2 just opposite, a pretty couple!). The mortal’s veils of Chogolisa as unreal whiteness are where disappeared H.Buhl in 1957 on a cornice on the North-eastern ridge around 7,100 m, without rope and blind by a thick fog whereas he climbed the top with K.Diemberger. Climbing Chogolisa is one of the easiest climb of Karakoram, but this tragedy shows that even the best climber’s ones can make big errors. Martin Conway try the first to climb the summit (three times without success), attempts continue in 1909 with Louis Amédée of Savoy, duke of Abruzzi, J.Petigax, H. and A. Brocherel of Courmayeur which make a challenging climb until in 1922: all the difficulties crossed about 7400 m, they turn back in a thick fog at 250 meters down the top.The 4 August, 1958, Japanese K.Hirai &. Fujihira try to reach the top again but didn't go beyond the North-eastern summit (7654m) completing an exploration started in 1892 by Martin Conway. 2 French climbers died in 1986 during a sky descent from the top.The first climb of the South-western top was made by Austrians G.Ammerer and A.Pressl by the Western edge in 1975; the second time , by B.Aucher French, P.Dubois, J.M.Galmiche and E.Monier by the Southern edge in 1984. In 1986, the british L.Elliot, A. Fanshawe, H.Irvine and S.Lamb made the first traverse between the 2 summits, from West to East, and finished by the North-eastern summit.





Arrival in Islamabad Airport and transfer to Hotel


Drive to Chilas


Drive to Skardu


Preparation day  and expedition  briefing in the tourism office


Drive to Askoli


Trek to Junla


Trek to Paju


Rest day in Paju


Trek to Urdukas


Trek to Goro-II


Trek to Base camp

12- 37

Climbing days


Trek back to Goro-II


Trek to Khuburse


Trek to Korfong


Trek to Askoli and drive to Skardu


Expedition Debriefing


Fly to Islamabad or drive to Chilas


Sightseeing or drive from Chilas


Fly to your own destination and Good bye


Total Duration of Expedition: 45 Days Islamabad to Islamabad

Total Hotel Nights: 06 Nights

Total Camping Nights: 14 Nights 

Days for Climbing: 25 Days

Group Size: 08 - 12 climbers

Type of Expedition: Unguided (services up to base camp only) 


  1. 06 Hotel nights with Bed and meals:

a.      03 nights in Islamabad bed with meals

b.      03 nights in Skardu bed with meals 

Note: if you are interested to upgrade your hotel there are several options available, please contact us for details and additional price. If there is any extra night will be charged separately.

2. Ground or Air Transport:

I).        Transport from Islamabad to Skardu, Askoli for all climbers and their equipment (maximum 50 kg per person) on arrival and at the time of return transport from Base Camp to Islamabad 25 kg and their cargo either by air is included in the package either by Air or by road. Client’s personal equipment (PIA allows only 20kg on domestic flights) will be charge separately if taken by air.

II).       Jeeps where require will be provided traveling in a group with the leader of the   expedition. Jeep will be provided for minimum 4 people, if less than 4 people clients will pay for their own jeep. 

3.    Low Porters Limits:

Low porter limitation and their daily wages for the members and foods

Mashabrum Expeditions will give for each member 2 porters for going to BC and 1 porter for coming down from the BC

             Note: If the low porters more than above mention details then we will charge you separately.

4. Insurance for Pakistani staff includes in our price:

Insurance for LO, Guide, Cook and LAP (porters).

5. Members, Porters Foods and porter equipment: Camping fee, tarpaulins for porter’s shelter, drums to carry food and member’s food for the trek and BC. Clients are not allowed to take trekking food up to the Base Camp.

6. Our staff agreementGuide, BC Manager, Cook, Kitchen Boy their wages, food, insurance and equipment. This is subject to your agreement with Mashabrum Expeditions Treks & Tours (METT).

7. Miscellaneous Services:

I).        Airport transfers on arrival and at the time of departure.

II).       Procurement of import and export and storage of cargo at our office in Islamabad or Skardu for free. However, payment of any fee charges to cargo clearing agent and transportation will be bill separately.

III).     Environment bond US Dollars 1000/= We will give guarantee to Ministry of Tourism on behalf of trekking/expedition for Environment Bond if the environment is damage, trekking/expedition party will be pay up to US dollars 1000/= before the de-briefing.

(IV)     Peak Royalty fee of the peak and Liaison officer on sharing bases will be included in our services.         

 (V)     Invitation letter for your visa                                          

Following items are not including in our services:

1-      Peak Royalty Fee

2-      Helicopter rescue (15,000 $ advance deposit) and rescue payment

3-      Trekking permit Fee (if any one who want to go via Gondogoro la) and Gondogoro la rescue payment

4-      Cargo payment and Transportation to base camp Porters cost

5-      High altitude foods gear and etc.

6-      Oxygen bottle, mask, regulator and their low porter payment

7-      EPI Gas

8-      High porter (high altitude Sherpa) payment and foods

9-      Room services, laundry, telephone calls etc.

10-  Any kind of high camp services

11-  CKNP entry fee 70 $ per person

12-  Tips for porters and staff.

 Note: Mashabrum Expeditions also offering full board services for the climbers who want to climb any 8000m peak in Pakistan with us. For the full board services you have to request us in written.



We recommend booking well in advance by sending a nonrefundable deposit of 25% USD and the tour price with a minimum deposit of 50 % USD per person in advance. Some of the tours and ground arrangements may require a higher deposit of up to 80% with booking conditions. These details will be provided on confirmation of your booking. The deposit is required within 5 days of confirmation to hold your booking. The booking confirmation will include the exact deposit amount required and the due date of final payment. Please read these terms and conditions carefully and raise any questions you may have prior to making your booking. Receipt of deposit will be taken as an understanding by Mashabrum Expeditions that the customer has checked their confirmed travel arrangements and has read and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions. Any verbal quote given is an estimate only of the price which will be subject to advice on confirmation of the reservation, after which you will have 5 days to pay your nonrefundable deposit with 50 % in advance tour price.


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If you decide to cancel your program or you are unable to travel, Mashabrum Expeditions will refund the amount you have paid less (i) our reasonable costs and (ii) any cancellation fees imposed by other suppliers. It is likely that other suppliers’ cancellation fees (which we will pass on to you) will be greater when cancellation takes place closer to the departure date. If you notify us of cancellation more than 15 days before departure, then the cancellation charges are only 25% of your deposit. If you notify us of cancellation less than 15 days before departure, the cancellation charges may be up to 50% of the total booking cost. Regrettably cancellation charges cannot be waived. No refunds are available for unused services after departure from your home land.


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Visas, Member insurance, Royalty Fee (climbing fee), Trekking permit Fee, Liaison Officer, Heli captor Rescue service, High camp foods, Oxygen, EPI Gas, Climbing gears, Custom clearance charges for Cargo, excess baggage charges (over applicable airline allowances), extra meals, room service, Phone calls, laundry, any kind of drinks, tips (Bakshish) and items of a personal nature are not included in the tour cost. Any pre-paid airfare taxes and surcharges are clearly identified in your booking confirmation if not included in the tour cost.


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Mashabrum Expeditions will tell you the name and address of the hotel and their standard but Pictures may not show to the clients.


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