Equipment CheckList


Mashabrum Expeditions Treks & Tours Team tried to show you the equipment for mountaineering and trekking and if something is missing in our given list then please let us know, we will add those missing things.  "Thanks in advance"

What clothing and equipment to take is normally caused for more consideration than any other aspect of preparing for an adventure travel trip. We regularly receive reams of advice and suggestions, good and bad, as to what equipment is needed for our trips. However, since being suitably equipped is the single most important consideration contributing to your welfare, we have provided the following information which we ask you to examine in a flexible manner, adapting it where you feel necessary to your own outdoor experience or preference. There is a fine balance between taking too much and too little, especially considering that you need to equip yourself for all extremes of climate. Over the years we have seen all extremes, from trekkers who have brought everything but the kitchen sink, to others with the bare minimum. The following equipment list is suggested and necessary for both climbing & trekking in the Karakoram. Use this list as a guideline; some of the equipment can be hired in Skardu as well. Also bear in mind trekking gear can be bought in the many mountaineering shops in Skardu, the majority of gear is Chinese manufactured.


Travel Documents:

Valid Passport

Credit Cards

Pp Size Photo (4 Pieces)

Insurance Paper and Contact details

Family Members/Company’s Contacts


For Hands:

Thin Fleece Gloves (2 Pairs)

Wind Stopper Fleece Gloves

Heavy Gloves (Mitten)

Summit Gloves


Foot Wears:

Summit Shoe)

Normal Socks (6-7 Pairs)

Summit Socks (3 Pairs)

Trekking Shoes (1 Pair)

Climbing Shoes (1 Pair)

Basecamp Slipper (1 Pair)



For Sun & Walking Stuffs:

Sun Block Cream -50 (Spf)

Lip Guard -20 / -50 (Spf)

Sun Glasses (Uv Protection)

Glaciers Glasses (Uv Protection)

Walking Stick

Pocket Knife

Umbrella / Rain Coat


For Upper Body:

Light Weight Top / Thermal Coat (2-3 Layers)

Mid Weight Top (2-3 Layers)

Heavy Weight Top (2 Layers)

Fleece Jacket (1)

Rain Jacket (1)

Down Jacket (1)

Wind Proof Jacket

Cotton T-Shirt for Base Camp. (2-3)

For Lower Body:

Light Weight Long Under Pants (2-3 Pairs)

Under Wear (5-7 Pairs)

Mid Weight Long Under Pants (2-3 Pairs)

Heavy Weight Long Under Wear Pant. (1)

Down Pants. (1)

Water Proof Pant. (1)


Climbing Equipment:

Climbing Helmet

Down Suit

Crampons (Fit with Boot)

Ice Axe, Harness, Jummer / Ascender

Walkie Talkie with Batteries

Satellite Phone set

Hand Warmer

Oxygen with mask , Regulator

Climbing Equipment:

Atc Guide

Lock Carabineer (3)

Unlock Carabineer (3)

Tape Slings (2)

Prosik Loops (1)


Climbing Equipment:

Snow Goggle

Head Light with 6 Pairs Rechargeable batteries

Fix rope, Snow bars, Ice screw

Sleeping Materials:

Sleeping Bag - 20 Degree (For Base Camp)

Down Sleeping Bag - 20 To -40 for high camps

Degree Celsius (Extreme Comfort) 

Mattress (2 pcs)

Light Pillow


For Head:

Sun Cap

Desert Cap


Fleece Hat

Neck Gaiter (2-3)


Eating & Drinking:

Water Bottle (2)



Spoon/ Fork



Cooker with Stove


Washing foam




Hand Disinfectant

Wet Tissue, Toilet role



Soap, Shampoo

Garbage Bag




Brufen / Ibuprofens




Handy Plaster

Crack Bandage

Tincture Iodine



Bag Packs:

Rucksacks 45L - 55L

Duffle Bag 90 L -120 L (2 Pieces)

Water Proof Stuff Sacks Large (2 Pieces)

Water Proof Stuff Sacks Small (2 Pieces)





Heavyweight gloves or mittens with a waterproof shell outer 

Down vest and/or jacket (optional) 

Fleece or wool trousers/pants 

Trekking/Hiking boots with spare laces 

Thick, warm wool hiking socks (4) 

Footwear for around camp, eg running shoes and/or sandals 

Gaiters (optional) 

Telescopic trekking/ski poles (optional)

Travel map/Guide book



Bandage for sprains 


Iodine or water filter (optional)  

Moleskin/Second skin - for blisters 

Antiseptic ointment for cuts 

Anti-bacterial throat lozenges (with antiseptic) 

Aspirin/paracetamol - general painkiller 

Oral rehydration salts 

Broad-spectrum antibiotic (norfloxacin or ciprofloxin) 

Anti-diarrhea medication (antibiotic) 

Diarrhea stopper (Imodium - optional) 

Antibiotic for Giardia or similar microbe or bacteria 

Diamox (altitude sickness - can be bought in Kathmandu) 

Sterile Syringe set (anti-AIDS precaution)