1-     I really enjoyed discovering Pakistan and I especially appreciated the quality of service and warm welcome of the Mashabrum Expeditions team. If I go back to Pakistan for sure, I will climb with them again!

                   Sophie  Switzerland

2-    I visited Pakistan in 2014. The reason was the trek to base camp K6 and K7. During my stay in the country I used the company's services Mashabrum Expeditions. What can I say about the company, her boss is extremely knowledgeable and competent in their work. The services of the company are very high, correct and accurate, highly attentive to customers and satisfy the smallest whims of whatever food the guests prefer to whether the transport that should enjoy good enough and suitable. It is known that in Pakistan there are many posts that are checked documents of climbers and the local agency and I can responsibly say that we never have had a problem. In 2016 I will again visit the country and strongly consider again use the services of the company Mashabrum Expeditions because from the moment we landed in the country until they get on a plane to go home, I know I will not I think of nothing but to enjoy my stay.

            Petya Alexandrova  Bulgaria 

3- I visited the Karakoram about 5 times. In 2010, when I started to join the Swiss Gasherbrum II expedition I got to know Masherbrum Treks and Tours as our support team in the remote Karakoram. During our 6 weeks expedition Ali and his very well experienced team accompanied us from Skardu to the steep slopes of GII and all the way back to Islamabad. We experienced very competent, perfectly trained, absolute helpful and friendly mountain guides. There was no moment where we felt unsafe or less supported! We enjoyed a very tasty kitchen even in the remotest mountains and last but not least we got friends! Muhammad Ali and Mehdi Jan welcomed us with their families in their private homes. We came to Pakistan as foreign mountaineers, we returned home with the wish to see our friends again.

Eckhard Schlöder  Munich / Germany

4- I loved and enjoyed my stay in Pakistan, for the nature, for its people and for the feeling of safety and support of Mashabrum expedition team. Thanks to them we got to all the places we wanted to, with necessary equipment. They showed us hospitality, open mind, told us interesting stories, history facts and let us peek into the life of people in such complicated country. I stayed for nearly 3 months and I knew, I am in good hands. Thank you guys, especially Muhammad Ali and Ibrahim Khalil Naqjanpa.
       Jana  Czech Republic

5-    Témoignage trekking au Pakistan: Baltaro - Camp de base K2
Mon voyage était organisé depuis la Suisse par Koble&Partner.
Toute la partie administration, visa, vols etc. a été réglée par le bureau suisse à satisfaction.
Sur place, notre guide local, Muhammad Ali a pris le relai pour toute la partie administrative, logements, transports et pour toute la logistique lors du trekking.
Ses connaissances, compétences et ses attentions pour tous les membres du groupe ont été saluées par l'ensemble des participants suisse. 
Muhammad Ali s'est formé dans le domaine touristique, organisation, sécurité, sauvetage et propose actuellement via www.mashabrum.com différents voyages allant du safari, trekking, alpinisme,....
Je vous recommande Muhammad Ali pour organiser votre prochain séjour au Pakistan

               Olivier Swiss/French

  6-       James Clarke, USA – 2018 K2 summiteer: 

 As a member of Madison Mountaineering’s successful 2018 K2 climb, I highly recommend Mashabrum Expeditions for adventure travel in Pakistan. The extensive support of Mashabrum played a critical role in our reaching of K2’s summit.

As the local outfitter, Mashabrum managed significant aspects of our expedition. Most visible was the complex logistics (porters/transport of seven tons of supplies and equipment to base camp) as well as day to day operations of the camp – cooking, re-supply, tents, sanitation, etc. Base camp was comfortable and this bolstered team morale for the five weeks we spent there.

Mashabrum also provided critical climbing support with high altitude local “Sherpas”- -who fixed rope, established high camps, and supported our team with their intimate knowledge of the route and mountain.  Mashabrum also coordinated with local authorities including an on-site liason officer seconded from the military.

All of this was done in a remote, difficult location (six days hike from the nearest road), and subject to challenging terrain and weather conditions.  

I was very impressed with Mashabrum’s service.  The entire operation went smoothly. It was well planned and well managed. Mashabrum not only offered a tailored solution, but also proved able to react to our requests in a dynamic situation. Of particular note was the evident training of the Mashabrum staff.  From managers to specialists, each individual knew his job and performed it to very high service standard.  Each demonstrated attention to detail, was trustworthy and dependable.

The Mashabrum team demonstrated genuine pride in what they do. Their experience and training were consistently evident. Overall - an exceptional customer focus, and high international standard of service, which reflects great credit upon Mashabrum’s leadership team. 

James Clarke, USA – 2018 K2 summiteer and former CEO, QVC China.